Frontedge founded during fall of 2013 is an independent, India/Asia pacific active, investment banking firm specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions end to end practical solutions. With highly skilled corporate professionals who have worked in Singapore, Australia, China and India for leading corporations of the world such as 3M, Betz-Dearborn, Hercules-Ashland specialty Chemicals, GE (General Electric), UTX (United Technologies), Stanley Black & Decker in various mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, consolidation and integration of companies. The team is strategically located in Bangalore, Chennai, Singapore, Shanghai to help clients facilitate transactions anywhere in India/Asia Pacific.

Frontedge helps emerging market mid size companies to build and reposition their businesses for Mergers, Acquistions, defining operational strategy, building the processes around due diligences, consolidation and integration of the businesses. With a seasoned team of highly skilled corporate professionals who have worked on the buy side of the transaction and being on the various board of joint ventures across India/Asia Pacific, help foster the companies from concept building, hand holding through operational strategy/due diligence, structuring of the deal including optimal enterprise valuation and closing complex transactions. Frontedge strongly believes in creating possibilities with a systematic analysis of strategies and processes to build sustainable value proposition model to maximise the valuation and quick deal closing possibilities.

Frontedge largely focuses on mid size Industrial and Service sector markets typically in the range from US$5 million to US$250 million valuation range.