DD in simplistic way helps to understand the business either carried out on its own or carried out by the strategic investors. Generally this is performed by the strategic partners once an overall price is agreed high level subject to adjustments coming out of the DD process as part of LOI (Letter of Intent).

The deal closure possibility gets high including minimal valuation adjustment, if the seller does this upfront and fixes those issues ahead of serious discussion with the strategic investors. This could be high-level or very exhaustive. Generally strategic investors follow exhaustive process so that they do not inherit some of the problems of the existing business. Typically DD is carried out for all functions of the organization i.e. Sales/ Marketing/ Legal/ Finance/ Tax/ IT/ SupplyChain/ Insurance/ EHS/ HR/ Plant / R&D. As this is specialized process encompassing multiple facets of the business, FrontEdge with its abundance experience across Asia Pacific provides all these services following global best practices with little deviations across major multi-national corporations.